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Google Adwords

Paid marketing strategy & Adwords management. Get your product or services in front of people fast.

FWeb can advertise your business on the Google Adwords Network

Reliable, Affordable & Data Driven Advertising. We’ve been driving leads for New Zealand businesses for years.

Also known as Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), it is one of the quickest and most accurately targeted advertising channels in the modern world. Google AdWords allows your business to boost its online exposure & thoroughly track your ROI. Working with us opens you to the possibility of increased leads and sales for your business in as little as a day.

With great data, comes great decisions

Google Adwords has loads of data for you to sift through day to day. At FWeb, we can analyse this data to make decisions that get the right results. Our campaign management also allows us to target your ads to the best audience, resulting in cost optimised advertising. We’ll manage your fully trackable ad campaigns and provide a detailed, monthly analysis on the entire campaign performance.

The FWeb team are enthusiastic about data driven advertising and are always aiming to give you the very best service, helping your business to thrive.

Landing Pages for Optimised Campaign performance.

In short, a landing page is a part of your website that acts an online sales funnel for advertising.

More Information on Landing Pages

A web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website, often directly from paid internet traffic.

Where a business website generally contains information on a range of aspects of your company, offering the most information the widest range of visitors, a landing page differs in the fact they are fully sales focused & targeted to leads actively searching online for your services. A well functioning landing page should better funnel an online lead to a paid customer.

A landing page runs alongside advertising campaigns and is not a permanent part of your website. Traffic is then driven to these pages and monitored for performance & testing.

Advantages to using landing pages

A landing page can be setup quickly, for anything your business has to offer. Think of it as an extension to a house that is able to be setup in a days. This lets you run marketing campaigns in parallel with a strong online presence to get in front of and capture as many leads as possible. These pages are temporary and run side by side with a marketing campaign, such as Google Adwords advertising.

Since a landing page is a temporary part of your site, you can change the text and content on the page without negatively effecting your Search Engine Optimisation efforts of your entire website. This allows you to test what parts of your website best convert leads to sales, while also letting you make unbiased decisions as to how provide information on your services online most profitably. This ongoing testing is called A/B Split Testing, and FWeb can provide this for an additional ongoing fee.